Ashokan Pepacton
Watershed Chapter
of Trout Unlimited

Anyone with the good fortune to fish our fabled Catskill streams does not soon forget the experience. Frequented by angling legends like Theodore Gordon, Lee Wulff, and Art Flick, our waters have historical importance as the “Cradle of American Fly Fishing." For fifty years, Trout Unlimited has played a leading role in protecting waters like these — the trout and salmon fisheries that are among America’s great national treasures.

Nationwide, Trout Unlimited has over 140,000 members in 400 local chapters working to carry out TU’s mission to preserve, protect and restore our cold water fisheries. Locally, the Ashokan-Pepacton Watershed Chapter of TU is an invaluable personal and community resource. Members enjoy the benefits of a network of like-minded, knowledgeable anglers. We fund and participate in local stream conservation projects and educational youth programs like “Trout in the Classroom.” We hone our fishing and fly tying skills through seminars, talks, and demonstrations at our monthly meetings. In these times of dynamic change, it is now more important than ever to stand up for the best of what we have. Please consider joining Trout Unlimited.